How to delete all searches in Google My Activity?

delete all searches my activity



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Google collects data about us as we use the Internet over time. If you want to learn how to delete everything that Google collects about you, this article shows you how to delete all searches of My Activity.

What is Google My Activity?

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Google My Activity is known in English as Google My Activity.

This is a Google tool through which we can consult the activity data associated with our Google account.

Basically, it is a transparency tool through which we can know the data to which Google has access. A quick glance at My Activity is all it takes to see all the data Google has collected about us.

If we go to My Activity we can choose the data we want to share. We can manage them and also delete them if we wish.

This way we do not necessarily have to share all our information, we have the option to choose what we want to share.

How to log in to My Activity Google?

Accessing Google’s My Activity is easy, just go to the following web page and log in with your Google account.

Obviously, the Google account with which we identify ourselves will be the one where we can see the complete history of the saved activity as we will see below.

How to view your complete My Saved Activity history?

Simply login to Google My Activity to quickly see all the activity that has been carried out through the account.

In the central part of the page, you will be able to find the search histories you have carried out in Google and also the pages you have accessed. This content is displayed with the time and location where it was performed. In addition, each search can be deleted individually.

It also has a filter in the central part to be able to narrow down searches and find specific content in case you are looking for something specific. If you want to locate a specific search it will be much easier with the filter, being able to set the days to search.

On the other hand, at the top of the page are shown the different Activity options that you can customize to choose what is shown and what is not shown in each of the options. For example, you can configure the activity on the website, locations or YouTube if you do not want this information to be stored with the rest.

This way you will be able to configure everything you need to be shown in the central common activity box where all types of activities are displayed.

How to delete Google My Activity?

When you are inside My Activity you have access to each of the activities individually. This means that each search that has been carried out, each interaction, has its own box that can be deleted.

This way you can manually delete each of the activities, but this would be a tedious and laborious process. There are other options to do this more quickly.

At the top left of the screen you will find three dots that serve to open an options panel. Simply click on the three dots and select the “Delete activity by” option. With this option, you can select the date range you are interested in or delete all the information.

For example, you can delete your history of yesterday, of the last 7 days or of the last month. The option to delete the entire history would be to delete it forever.

Now you will be able to choose the products you want to delete. Once again, we have several options from which to choose or opt for all of them. Android, ads, books, maps… you name it.

When you have chosen the time range and options to delete simply choose the “Delete” option and the whole deletion process will have been carried out in your Google Activity.

Here’s how to delete information from Google in general in case you need it.

Keeping your history clean is great for keeping Google from monitoring everything you search for on the Internet. From here we recommend that you carry out this deletion process from time to time, basically because having this information stored by Google can be a double-edged sword.

Try not to have too large a history and you will be able to manage it much better. If you prefer, narrow down what you want to keep and choose what you want to eliminate.

In this way, you will not be saving data information that does not provide you with anything and that you will not need to consult in the future. We hope that you learned how to delete all searches My Activity. If you have any doubts, let us know.

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