Delete information from Google

How to delete information from Google?

Here you can find all the resources to remove information of any kind from Google.

Here you can find all the resources to remove information of any kind from Google.

How do I delete my data from Google?

Your information and Google

Google is one of the largest companies in the world and possibly the company that stores the most personal data on the Internet, as it has countless services and applications under its parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Within the large conglomerate that is Alphabet Inc. where Google is its main subsidiary, we also find divisions where data is handled such as:

delete google trace

These are just some of the most prominent, but since its inception in 1997, Google has acquired more than 230 companies and at some points in its history at a rate of 1 company per week.

What considerations should I take into account when deleting my Google data?

Google is a software company that in many cases will generate business with your data. Either directly or indirectly and therefore it is important the scope that the company can have when using the data provided by you.

Since data is Google’s most important asset, there are a series of premises that will directly benefit you:


Google cannot afford to have security flaws in its products because it would be disastrous, both at a business level due to data leakage and at a brand reputation level. That's why you can rest assured that your data is safe within Google.


Google markets your data in one way or another but must guarantee the anonymity of users who use its programs and tools by law and its own commitment to users. On the other hand, you set the limits of the data that Google can access about you, and therefore in all accounts, and especially in your Google Account, you can control and limit the information you share with Google and its use.


Finally, Google allows absolute control over all the data it has on individuals. You will be able to delete a Google account whenever you want or import data from any service. It even allows you to delete your data used or published by third parties in their services.

Google is aware that its greatest asset is data and the dominant market share it has in certain niches such as its Google Chrome search engine and web browser.

So, if you want to start digging deeper into Google and better understand how it uses your data visit your Google account.

You will be able to consciously manage your data, set the limits you want when sharing information and delete information from Google.

How to delete my Google data?

Google is a great Internet search engine as are Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and others.

That is why it stores and sorts all the websites that are allowed, so that we can quickly access accurate information through its search engine.

This implies that Google is not ultimately responsible for the content that is published on the Internet, only for what it has stored on its servers and what is in some of its services.

With this you must keep in mind that although Google has a huge market share, deleting personal information from it does not mean that I can delete my information from the Internet for good.

It will disappear from your search engine, and in most cases that’s enough since more than 92% of the world’s users use Google.

Google’s scope is limited but in most cases it will be sufficient to remove the information from Google.

Frequently asked questions about deleting information from Google

Google does not have access to the web pages as it does not own them. What it can do as a search engine is to index those that are allowed and display them in the search results when a user performs a search.

Google’s content removal process is usually not instantaneous. On average it usually takes from a few hours to a few days, it all depends on the elimination process, since it is not the same if we do it ourselves or if we ask for it.

If Google does not remove your information from its search engine, it may be due to several problems, among which are that the request is well made and that it is legal, legitimate and in accordance with its removal policies. If it has not deleted your data, it considers that there is no basis for doing so. In this case, there are other ways to eliminate the data, which consists of creating positive content.

No, deleting your data from Google only makes it disappear from the search engine. Your data will remain present on the web pages where they are published. The upside is that they will not be accessible from the search engine, which is the place people use to search the Internet.

To find out what information Google has about you, you must log in to your Google account.

If you want to know what information is indexed in the search engine, you must perform a search and see what appears in the content as well as in the photographs. Generally this point is easy to analyze.

What is on the Internet is public and accessible by anyone and in many cases Google has no control beyond what it indexes in its search engine.

The data that Google has about you in your accounts is private and personal and you can delete or limit it at any time.

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