Fake News Elimination Service

We remove fake information from the Internet

Fast, safe and economical

Fast, safe and economical

Do you want a web page or fake news to disappear from the Internet?

We remove from the Internet and permanently websites, data and fake news. In a legal, fast and economical way.

eliminate fake news
remove false data

Is a fake negatively affecting you?

Our fast removal technology removes websites, data and fake news from the Internet in record time and at a very low cost.

You only pay if we remove fake content

Fully guaranteed service: you do not pay if we do not remove the news or the website or the false information. Our high level of efficiency allows us to charge only in the case that the content is deleted.

false information removal
remove data from the internet

We keep an eye on it so that it does not reappear

Our monitoring technology allows us to guarantee that this news, web page or false information will not appear again.

“As film, theater and television professionals, as public figures, we are exposed to public opinion that sometimes violates our rights to honor and privacy. RepScan has helped me remove photos so that I can exercise these rights also on the Internet, quickly and safely.”

Cristina Solà


Yes, this is a premium service whose cost is detailed in our pricing page here. We offer volume discounts.

Our technology locates the website or data and de-indexes it from Google and other search engines. This causes that content to stop appearing to anyone searching for that information.

In addition, it permanently removes unwanted content from the hosting website or social network. If disposal is not possible due to legal impediments, we apply alternative techniques.

You will only be able to remove illegal content present on other websites.

Opinions, comments or descriptions of facts in accordance with the law cannot be deleted.

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