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Increase turnover by helping your customers

Rely on the market leader to eliminate the negative digital footprint of your customers

Rely on the market leader to eliminate the negative digital footprint of your customers

Join the number 1 Internet content removal company

Increase your profits with recurring revenues thanks to RepScan’s partnership program.

Who is it for?


Law firm clients often have serious online reputation problems. The digital footprint left by many of the processes is a major problem for your clients. RepScan removes any online traces of the case allowing clients to rebuild their lives, both professionally and personally.

Community Managers and Representatives

Sometimes, the professionals that Community Managers and Representatives work with encounter serious online reputation problems. RepScan provides them with the best technology on the market to help solve the problem for their clients.

Communication agencies

Improve the services you provide to your customers by adding RepScan solutions to your portfolio.
Achieve higher quality service, protection for your customers and increased customer loyalty.

Why partner with RepScan?

RepScan’s partner program is designed to help professionals with clients where online reputation and control is key to maintaining business.

Access to RepScan's technology network

We detect and remove content from the Internet that harms the reputation of your customers. We delete all content and news that affects your client as long as there is a legal basis.

Offer a more complete service to your customers

By offering a more complete, automated and faster service to your clients, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition by being able to work with more clients or solve more cases at a lower cost.

Differentiate yourself from your competition and get more out of every customer

We have two plans to adapt to your needs. In the Free Plan, you will receive a 20% commission for each client. In the Premium Plan, you choose the price to be billed to your customer.

In which cases can RepScan help you?

With our service of Photo and Video Removalwe remove all intimate images and videos that are published on the Internet.

With our service of Delete the digital footprintwe erase all the content and news that links you to the judicial process or crime.

Our service of Google My Business has a comprehensive solution plan so that the Google My Business listing never hurts a business again.

With our service of Fake News Removal we eliminate or mitigate fake news published on the Internet.

With our RepScan Alertservice, we periodically crawl the Internet and alert you in real time of the appearance of negative content that could damage your image.

In our service Exhaustive reputation analysisWe prepare a dossier detailing all the relevant information about the client on the Internet and present an Action Plan with solutions to improve their online reputation.

With our service of Positive Content Generationwe can create a reputational shield on the network that can counteract a possible negative reputation attack.

We have different plans according to the client’s requirements to achieve Internet disappearance.

With RepScan, anonymity on the Internet is possible, creating an innovative solution to be active on the network without the need to expose yourself.

Which partner plan to choose?

We have two Partnership Plans to adapt to the needs of each Partner: Free and Premium.

Free Plan


Premium Plan


Comparison between Partner Free and Premium

Compare the two two Partnership Plans and choose the one that best suits your needs..

  1. The Premium Partner sends the case details to RepScan.
  2. In this Premium Plan, the Partner is the one who deals with his customer and sets the cost he wants for the Service.
  3. The Premium Partner can increase the price of the services offered by RepScan.
  4. RepScan’s cost per content removal is customized for each request.
  5. This Premium Plan has a minimum permanence period of 12 months and has a monthly cost of $149/month
  1. Partner Free sends case details to RepScan.
  2. RepScan is the one who deals with the customer and will make a tailor-made offer for each request.
  3. In the Free Plan, the price of the services offered by Repscan cannot be increased.
  4. The Partner receives 20% commission on the cost of the services offered by RepScan.
  5. At the end of each calendar quarter, during the following month, Repscan will perform the check and adjustment to request the service invoice from the Partner. And accrue the relevant commission at the end of the month.
  6. No permanence and no monthly cost.

Many of our defendants are public figures. The digital footprint left by having gone through a trial becomes a problem for exercising their right to reintegration.

With RepScan we have cleaned up their digital past so they can enjoy a second chance.”

Enric Piñana
Criminal Lawyer


Thanks to our innovative technology we get search engines, websites and social networks to remove the content.

The current legislation allows us to remove the content that we request.

In addition, if removal is not possible due to legal impediment, we apply alternative techniques to improve online reputation.

Our quick detection and removal tool allows you to remove news, photos and videos from all existing social networks, from search engines such as Google and from any web page

Yes, we work with all types of clients, but we do not offer services to politicians, banks and convicted sex offenders, but we do work with victims.

We refund the money. If we are unable to remove your request from the Internet, we will proceed to refund the money paid. We only charge if we manage to eliminate what you have requested.

Yes, with our continuous monitoring system we detect republishing of previously deleted content. Our system alerts you of any change and proposes the best solution for each case.

We have two different plans. In the Free plan, the service is free of charge for the partner. The partner receives a commission of 20% of the amount invoiced to the client.

The Premium Plan has a recurrence and content removal cost. But the partner will be able to set the prices to his customer and invoice his cases without intermediaries.

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