Technology to protect online reputation of brands, companies and individuals

RepScan makes it possible to remove content from the Internet.

RepScan makes it possible to remove content from the Internet.

The first SaaS tool for automated removal of negative content

At RepScan we put our technology at the service of our clients to monitor and improve their online reputation.
We make the difficult easy through our platform.

We explain how it works:

Search for the terms to be analysed

The process starts when the client enters the keywords he/she wants to analyse (brand, company or person) in our search engine.

Our tool performs an exhaustive search on the Internet to detect all content related to these keywords on social networks, websites and search engines and extracts a list with links to the content.

Sentiment analysis

Our technology includes Artificial Intelligence that analyses content, understands it and assigns a sentiment value to see if a piece of content is negatively affecting a customer's reputation.

Reputational analysis

This is where the magic happens, as our algorithm calculates the negative reputation index of the brand, company or person.

In addition, for each of the negative contents detected, its reputational impact is indicated, showing the level of visibility of that negative content.

Legal analysis

Once the negative content and its impact have been identified, our artificially intelligent algorithm calculates the probability of removal of the content from a legal point of view.

This helps determine the likelihood of successful removal.

Delete the negative content you want

The client analyses all the information reflected on the platform and decides which content he/she wants to delete and which not, carrying out the deletion on the tool itself from any device and from any place.

In doing so,the tool gives an estimated removal time and notifies the client when the removal process is successfully completed.

Monitoring and control

On the platform, the client can view the list of links with the contents, their reputation index and probability of elimination in order toreview and control their online reputation.


The customer is kept informed throughout the process, by means of email or telephone notificationswith information of interest:

  • The typeof negative content
  • Impact of content on your reputation
  • Probability of elimination
  • Confirmationof the removal of negative content

Don’t wait any longer to try the best online reputation technology on the market and check now if what is being said about your brand, company or you on the Internet is negative.

Why technology

Our technology was born out of the need to have control over what is published on the Internet.

Many people are unaware that it is possible to track and remove harmful content from the web.

This is why our technology monitors what is posted on the Internet and removes negative content automatically.

It also ensures that this content will never appear again.

We have an intuitive and practical platform where any person or company can view and manage data from any device.

Try our tool to check that there is nothing damaging about you on the Internet and improve your online reputation with RepScan.

Technology for enterprises and individuals

At RepScan we offer our technology to companies and individuals. We democratise the right to remove content from the Internet and to protect digital reputation.


improve online reputation of b2b companies

Reputation is a vital business asset

A company’s online reputation has a direct impact on revenue, customer perception and attracting the best people.
Don’t leave it to chance.


online reputation tool for individuals

A single piece of negative content can destroy your digital life

Anyone has the right to remove content from the Internet. With our disposal service you will have this possibility quickly and economically.


RepScan’s software is intended for use by both individuals and businesses.

You can hire it on a one-off basis or, if you prefer, as a system that will always be watching over your online reputation.

Yes. Prevention and monitoring services can be used to control the negative online reputation of third parties, brands, products and companies.

No. RepScan does not remove or generate third party content.

Only a brand or person whose rights are being infringed can request the removal or generation of content.

Yes. It is completely legal because the data we collect and use to perform this analysis is public to anyone.

Yes. The RepScan Alert service allows you to know the status and evolution of the negative reputation of a person, company or brand.

Be the first to know if you are suffering a reputation crisis.

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