How to delete likes on Twitter?

how to delete likes on twitter



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Twitter is one of the world’s most widely used discussion/opinion apps, with more than 500 million tweets sent by users per day.

Users are in the app to show their opinions or to see the opinions of other users that they consider to be of interest to them. Maybe you are wondering how to delete likes on Twitter, in this article we explain everything about it.

How to remove “likes” from Twitter?

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The way it was done before was to delete one by one the “likes” in the application.

If you use this method and you have a lot of “likes” on your posts you will have to spend a lot of time deleting them all.

The positive side of deleting one by one is that you can keep some “likes” that you think you should not delete. But in case you have not been on Twitter for a long time or you have few “likes”, the process to remove them is as follows :

  1. You must log in with the account in which you are going to delete the “likes”.
  2. Then you have to go to your profile which is in the options on the left.
  3. Under the name you will see some tabs(Tweets, Tweets and replies, Photos and videos and Likes). You have to click on Like to be taken to all the “likes” you have given.
  4. In each tweet you will see a red heart (this is the “like”). Just click on it and it would be removed.
  5. You can do this for as many publications as you want.

As you can see, it is a very simple procedure to know how to delete likes on Twitter, but if you have questions about any topic related to this social network leave them in comments and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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