Social reintegration service on the Internet

on the Internet

We remove all news linking you to the judicial process.


We remove all news linking you to the judicial process.


Consequences of
no digital social reintegration

cierre cuentas
Closing of bank accounts
cargo publico
Loss of opportunities in selection processes for public office
Denial of bank loans
Rejection of coverage by insurers
Loss of job opportunities
Loss of possible financial investments
Loss of real estate opportunities, renting and purchasing
Fear and psychological insecurity in the event of possible re-publications
Social rejection
Monopoly of negative facts in the curriculum
Visa refusal
Inability to start a new business

Social reintegration service

We remove the stigma of having gone through a trial from the Internet. Whether you have been acquitted or have served your sentence, we eliminate all content and news that link you to the judicial process or the crime

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Recurso 35@2x min

Right to a second opportunity

57% of ex-prisoners do not get jobs in the first year of release. The imprint left on the Internet by the judicial process prevents them from reintegrating into the labor market.

We help to ensure that legal proceedings do not doom the professional future of defendants.

Is it possible to remove the trace of court proceedings from the Internet?

Yes. Whether there has been a conviction or an acquittal, you have the right to have the case information removed from search engines, media, and social networks.

We make sure that any trace of the case disappears quickly from the Internet.

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Recurso 33@2x min

We monitor so that it does not reappear

We monitor the Internet to ensure that your involvement in the case is not republished. If it is, we proceed to eliminate it again. We offer a fully guaranteed service.

Innovative technology for rapid removal

Our technology removes any type of information from the Internet in record time and at a very low cost.

We remove photos and videos from the Internet in less than 72 hours with an efficiency of 84%.

When we don’t succeed, we refund the money.



Thanks to our innovative technology we get search engines, websites, and social networks to remove the content we request. The current legislation allows us to force these websites to remove the content we request them to remove.

In addition, if removal is not possible due to legal impediment, we apply alternative techniques to improve online reputation.

Yes, our quick removal tool allows you to remove news, photos, and videos from all existing social networks.

Yes, we can make you disappear from the Internet, both from search engines and from social networks, and other websites.

We will refund your money. If we are unable to remove your content from the Internet, we will proceed to refund the money paid. We only charge if we manage to eliminate the content you have indicated.

Yes, with our continuous monitoring system, we detect republishing of previously deleted content. Our system alerts you of any change and proposes the best solution for each case.

Yes, this is a service whose cost varies from case to case. You can find out the cost on our pricing page.

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