How to delete Instagram messages?

how to delete instagram messages different ways



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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with more than 800 million users using the app. The features and options that have been introduced – or copied from others – have made the app much more valuable to people. Let´s discover how to delete Instagram messages.

In the beginning, the function of the tool was to upload photos and geolocate them. Today it has many other functions, such as: sending private messages, 24h stories or uploading a video to Instagram IGTV, among others.

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The ability to send direct messages through Instagram has become very common among users and the use they make of this feature is growing.

Although it is a very useful feature that allows us to communicate with other people or profiles related to us, the truth is that it can also be potentially dangerous if we do not know the person on the other side well, depending on the type of conversation we are having with them.

The saying that you never really get to know someone is true. We never know what a person’s ultimate intention towards us may be, and how harmful or malicious they may be.

If at this time you are feeling threatened by someone else or they are trying to damage your image in some way, you should know that you can remove your information from the Internet to restore your image and, why not say it, your mental health, since it is a difficult process if we have to live it in first person.

But let’s not think negatively, shall we? So we are going to explain to you in these simple steps how to delete Instagram conversations, without side effects.

How to delete Instagram messages? Two different ways

If at any time you want to delete conversations on Instagram, for whatever reason, here you will see how you can delete conversations step by step.

How to delete conversations on Android?

  1. Log in with your Instagram account and click on the icon at the top right to go to the conversations. It will take you to the conversations you had in the app.
  2. Find the one you want to delete and press and hold its name until a window appears.
  3. The options that will appear in the window will be: Delete, Mute messages and Mute video chats. Just click on Delete and the conversation will be deleted.

How to delete conversations on iPhone?

  1. Log in with your Instagram account.
  2. You have to click on the icon in the shape of a paper airplane to enter the direct messages, which will be at the top right.
  3. Inside, when you have found the conversation you want to delete, scroll to the left so that some options will appear.
  4. You will see the Delete option appear. Click on it.
  5. When you click on delete a warning will appear indicating that the conversation will be deleted from our iPhone, but not on the other person’s iPhone. If you agree, click on delete.

If I delete an Instagram conversation is the other person deleted?

When you choose to delete a conversation on Instagram, it only removes the conversation from your own device.

The other person involved in the conversation will still have access to the full conversation on their account. It is important to keep this in mind before deleting a conversation, as the other person may still have access to the conversation and its content.

Similarly, when deleting messages on WhatsApp, even if you select the “Delete for all” option, it only removes the message from your device and will still be visible on the other person’s account if they have already seen it. It is important to be mindful of the content and recipients of any messages or conversations before sending them.

If you wish to delete a single message on Instagram, you can use the “Cancel message” option. However, if the other person has already seen the message, deleting it may not be effective as they will already be aware of its content.

Deleting conversations on Instagram is a straightforward process, and can be done for a variety of reasons such as wanting to declutter your inbox or when you are no longer interested in the conversation’s content. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the other person involved in the conversation will still have access to the conversation after you delete it.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to delete Instagram messages or any other related topics, please feel free to ask in the comments section. Our team is happy to assist you in any way we can.

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