RepScan Announces New Phase: Alejandro Castellano Embarks on New Venture with Company’s Support and Gratitude

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RepScan, a leading company in online reputation management of companies and people, announces the beginning of a new phase. Alejandro Castellano, co-founder of the company together with Mar Jufresa, Coque Moreno and Josep Coll, embarks on the a new business project. This transition marks an exciting chapter in growth for both parties.

We at RepScan would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Alejandro for his valuable contribution and dedication. Alejandro, who continues as a partner supporting our mission, expresses its deep appreciation for the years of fruitful collaboration and significant moments shared. This change is a natural and positive evolution in the field of entrepreneurship. and reflects the dynamism and flexibility of RepScan. This professional evolution of Alejandro has been decided jointly and has the full support of all of the partners. It has been developed through an open and collaborative dialogue, always prioritizing what is best for RepScan.

The entire team has worked on this opportunity with the objective of guaranteeing the continuity and enhance future growth:

“From RepScan we continue
committed to building on the solid foundations established with the help
of Alejandro” – declares Josep Coll, CEO of the company.

We celebrate and support Alejandro in his new business venture.
We are confident that he will take his passion and experience to new and exciting
projects, and we wish him success on his journey.

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