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Many companies use Google My Business to attract potential customers to their business. In fact, in this article we tell you what this platform consists of and how to remove business listing from Google.

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Yes, and there are several reasons why a business or company decides to remove its listing from Google My Business.

If you already have a profile on the platform, you may have questions or doubts about how it works. One of these possible questions is whether you can remove a listing from Google My Business.

Therefore, we have prepared this post in which we will indicate the most advisable options based on the reasons that have led you to make the decision to eliminate it and the actions that will be required. We tell you all about it in detail.

Can a Google My Business listing be deleted?

Yes, it is possible to remove a listing from Google My Business, but there are some things you should be aware of.

To begin with, removing a listing from Google My Business does not mean that your business disappears from the search engine or Google Maps .

On the other hand, you will no longer be able to manage it, i.e., you will no longer be able to modify or add new data, create publications, add photos or videos, access statistics, etc.

In addition, if you want to delete a Google My Business listing you will have to be the owner, as administrators do not have permission to delete it. Once deleted, if you want to recover it, you will have to re-verify the location.

What happens if you remove business listing from Google?

Whether you are going to eliminate one or several cards, you must take into account the consequences derived from this elimination, which, apart from those mentioned above, will be the following:

  1. You will delete all photos, videos and posts that you have shared on your listing as an owner.
  2. The rest of the administrators will no longer have access to this file.
  3. Responses to reviews you have written will be deleted, but the reviews themselves will not disappear.
  4. Google Ads location extensions may fail, as well as web pages you have created through Google My Business.

Reasons to remove business listing from Google

The main reasons why a business owner decides to remove his listing from Google My Business are usually the following.

Negative reviews

Nobody likes to receive a negative comment or review about their services or products, as in some way your online reputation and brand image will probably be damaged.

This is one of the main reasons why you may believe that the best way to avoid seeing those reviews is to remove the Google My Business listing.

We have already told you that this is not the best option because the reviews will not be deleted just because you delete your listing from the platform.

There are several possible options for these cases:

  1. The first option is to respond to the comment showing your interest and concern for the bad experience or the problem that the customer has had, trying to solve their doubts or complaints.
  2. The next option is to mark the comment as inappropriate through the Google My Business tab, especially in those cases where it is offensive or the same comment is repeated from the same profile. It is very likely that Google will withdraw it.
  3. The third option is to contact Google’s helpdesk or support by explaining your case through a contact form. You can also do it by telephone.
  4. Finally, the last option is to directly ask the owner of the review to remove it, which is not always possible.

Closing of business

This is the most common reason why you may want to remove a listing from Google My Business.

Regardless of the reason for the permanent closure of your business, you can alert search engine users that it has closed permanently.

It is important to keep in mind that it is most likely that, despite doing so, your business cannot be removed from Google Maps and you will still appear in the search results.

But, if you simply want to prevent users from continuing to access your business information, indicating that it has closed permanently can help you to lose positioning and, little by little, you will no longer appear in the first search engine results and you will be less visible.

Another option is to keep your business listing open in Google My Business so that you will have the option to delete only the information that you consider convenient to delete.

Business relocation

We would like to pay special attention to this particular case, since it happens on numerous occasions that when a business changes its physical location and moves to a new address, the old file is usually deleted and a new one is created.

Doing this is a mistake because most likely the business is being “duplicated” and your old and new file will appear. This can generate confusion among your customers and end up hurting your search rankings.

The best thing to do if you are relocating a business is to renew the listing your business currently has on Google My Business. If you correct the data, whether it is time, location, etc., Google will take care of modifying the results in its search engine, including all content and reviews.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you have other platforms for your business, whether it is a website, social networks, blog, etc., you will have to change and/or update the data in all of them .

How to remove my business from Google My Business step by step

If after the options previously discussed, you have decided to remove your Google My Business listing, we will tell you the steps to follow to do so.

  1. Go to your Google My Business account or profile and sign in.
  2. On the left you will find the menu. Click on Information.
  3. Search for “Close or delete tab”. The tool offers you two options: If you click on “Delete file” you will not be able to modify or access your company’s information. If you want to notify that the company has closed, click on “Close permanently”.
  4. Click on “Delete tab”. You will only see this option if you have multiple locations, otherwise you will have to directly select “Mark as permanently closed”.
  5. Finally, click on “Remove”.

This process of deleting a listing in Google My Business can only be done from a computer. It is not possible to do this from the mobile app.

Delete several listings at the same time in Google My Business

If you want to delete several cards at the same time, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Google My Business account and Sign In.
  2. In the “Manage locations” section choose the locations you want to delete.
  3. Click on “Actions” and then on “Delete locations”.
  4. Finally, click on “Delete”.

You may get an error message when trying to delete several cards at once. If this is the case, you will have to eliminate them one by one.


If you were looking for information on how to remove a listing from Google My Business, we hope this article has been helpful. You can see that following a series of steps is a very simple process.

We recommend you to optimize your Google My Business profile from the beginning if you start a new listing.

If you don’t want to give up on your business project and what you are really looking for is someone to help you improve your online reputation and know how to protect your brand, RepScan can help you.

We firmly believe that we all have the right to control our image on the Internet and our mission is to help people anywhere in the world detect and remove negative content with the use of the best technology. If you have any doubt about how to remove business listing from Google, do not hesitate to contact us .

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