Meta implements measures against ‘sextortion’ and dissemination of intimate images

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In a statement released on its web portal, the parent company that encompasses Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has announced its initiative to test new solutions to help users identify potential ‘sextortion’ scams. In addition, it seeks to encourage the reporting of these practices and empower individuals to reject any activity that causes them discomfort on social networks.

Confronting ‘Sextortion’ on Social Networks

Sextortion, a crime that involves blackmailing a victim with intimate images, has proliferated on social networks, especially among young people. Meta, the company responsible for these platforms, has called this act a “horrible crime” and has worked in collaboration with experts for years to understand the tactics used by fraudsters to develop effective strategies to combat them.

In this regard, Meta has announced the implementation of “new tools” aimed at making it more difficult for fraudsters to access potential victims in its applications and on the Internet in general. In addition, measures are being tested to help young people recognize and protect themselves from ‘sextortion’ scams.

Reinforced Protection on Meta Platforms

One of these measures includes the introduction of a nudity filter on Instagram direct messages, dubbed “nudity protection.” This filter, enabled by default for users under the age of 18, will automatically blur images containing nudity, providing an additional layer of protection against unwanted content.

Another important measure is the default setting of teenagers’ profiles so that they cannot receive messages from users with whom they are not connected. In addition, safety warnings will be displayed to teens who are in contact with potential fraudulent accounts, with the option to file reports.

Meta has stressed the importance of the responsibility of companies in protecting minors using their platforms and has described these measures as encouraging in the fight against ‘sextortion’ and other online crimes.

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