Guide to identify and remove content generated by artificial intelligences

eliminar contenido generado por ia



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AI content creation is hurting the internet. In addition to polluting the network with soulless content, AI content is being used to spread fake news and spam.

In this article we will show you how you can identify and remove content generated by artificial intelligences.

Recognizing AI-created content

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The first thing we must do if we want to eliminate content generated by artificial intelligences is to know how to identify them.

Unlike human-created texts, artificial intelligences follow a very marked structure. An artificial intelligence never creates, what it does is to imitate human language, so it ends up repeating itself.

One of the best things artificial intelligences do is identify and reproduce patterns. In this case, intelligences such as ChatGPT predict the next word to appear in a sentence and look for multiple options.

Signs indicating the artificial origin of the content

In addition to the structure of the text itself, there are some signs that indicate that the content is of artificial origin. If the update frequency is high and constant, it is likely to be artificial content. The time it takes for a person to create original content makes it difficult to create a lot of content in a short time.

One of the problems with AI-generated text is that, because it is so simple to create, a lot of it is created in a short time. This ends up causing spam, as the texts hardly have anything to contribute.

On the other hand, another identifying feature of these texts of artificial origin is that they have no spelling mistakes. To err is human and many people’s texts may contain some kind of mistake. This is something that does not happen when it is a text created by an artificial intelligence, so the feeling of artificiality is much greater.

Another characteristic feature is inconsistency in the text. An AI copies or imitates, but never knows what it is writing. He cannot know if it is true, nor can he understand the congruence that exists between two different statements.

AI-generated texts are often inconsistent. In addition to this, they are not texts that manage to empathize with the reader. Machines don’t have emotions, so they won’t be able to transmit them.

Finally, all texts written by AI will be the same. Unlike people, where everyone has a different way and style of writing, AIs are governed by the same rule. No matter which artificial intelligence created the text or which person gave the command, the essence of the text will be the same.

Tools to detect AI-generated content

Finally, there are tools that are able to detect much more quickly and accurately whether a text has been created by an AI. These tools are perfect to be certain that a text has been created by such artificial intelligence.

Some of the tools you can use are OpenAI, GPTZero, Turnitin, CheckGPT or Content at Scale. Do not hesitate to use several at the same time, as there may be false positives or the application may not be able to detect the text.

In order to detect the text created by an AI, it is as easy as copying it into the application itself for analysis. Basically, it is a function similar to the pages used to find out if a text on the Internet has been plagiarized from other pages.

Steps to remove AI content

If you want to remove AI content, the first thing to do is to be clear that it is AI-created content. Whether it is clear to you that the content has been created by an AI or if you have doubts, the best thing to do is to ask the author of the text in question for an explanation.

If the author recognizes that the content has been created through artificial intelligence, the best thing to do is to delete it from your page. This content is detrimental to your positioning, so you should not have it on your page.

If you are going to hire someone to carry out the content creation for your strategy, ask them not to use artificial intelligence when creating your text. If, in spite of your request, the text has been delivered in accordance with what was not agreed, you may take whatever action you deem appropriate.

Approaches to suppress artificial content

Content created by artificial intelligence has no value. In addition to being a content that reaches consumers worse, this content ranks much worse in Google.

We understand that it is quite tempting to be able to have a huge amount of texts without investing time or money, however, it is not a good strategy if you are looking for quality content for your business.

The best approach you can take in this regard is to advocate for quality content. This is something that has always been taken into account for SEO positioning, to have original and quality content, so it is nothing new.

On the other hand, due to the boom that this artificial intelligence is experiencing, having original, quality content, written by a person, can be the differentiating touch that your business needs.

Useful tools to remove AI-generated content

Lean on the best tools to be able to remove AI-generated content. To the aforementioned tools we can add Writer, Copyleaks or Originality.AI. The latter is an extension that you can add to Google Chrome to know in real time if the page you are visiting has been created by an artificial intelligence.

How to prevent the appearance of AI content?

Preventing the appearance of AI content is not a simple matter, as we cannot influence the decisions made by others. However, SEO positioning remains one of the weapons we have in our favor to advocate for original and quality content.

The main problem with AI content will become apparent over time. Any site that decides to make use of this content to populate its page is going to see its page views decrease over time.

In addition to creating bland and soulless content, AI tells a lot of lies when creating content. If you are an expert in any subject, try asking for specialized content to observe that the AI itself ends up rambling between clichés and nonsensical statements.

Betting on original content will allow you to improve your positioning to the detriment of all those companies that advocate the use of artificial intelligence. Just as copied content is penalized, AI-created content is of no value to Google.

Strategies to protect against artificial content

You have two ways to protect yourself against artificial content. First of all, when commissioning writing content always ask the author not to use any artificial intelligence.

Secondly, take advantage of the above-mentioned tools to check whether the text has been created by the AI itself. If so, you should hold the author accountable for the work done and take appropriate action, for example, not paying for that content as it has not been requested.

Encourage the creation of authentic and human content.

No matter how much progress is made in AI, it will never have the ability to think, imagine or create. Authentic and human content is what gives value to things, is what brings experience and is what allows us to connect with the real world. When it comes to storytelling, only content created by one person can work.

Given the boom in content creation by AI, it is a good opportunity to take advantage and position yourself with original, authentic content. We should see this as an opportunity for content created by people to be more relevant on the Internet and stand out above all the artificial content.

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