How to recover a hacked Facebook account?

how to recover a hacked facebook account immediately



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In this article, you will find an explanation of how to recover a Facebook account immediately that has been hacked or stolen.

Ways to hack a Facebook account

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There are numerous ways to hack a Facebook account so you should always be careful.

To access a Facebook account it is necessary to have the password of the associated account, this means that you can resort to any method that would serve to crack a password for any service.

One of the most commonly used methods to hack a Facebook account is through a keylogger.

This type of malware can infect a computer through a malicious attachment or a link, and once installed, it can record every keystroke made on the keyboard, including passwords and other sensitive information. Cybercriminals can use keyloggers to steal Facebook login credentials and gain unauthorized access to the account.

Another technique used by cybercriminals is phishing.

Phishing is a fraudulent activity that involves creating a fake login page that looks similar to the Facebook login page. Cybercriminals send an email or message with a link to this fake login page, and when the unsuspecting victim enters their credentials, the cybercriminals can steal the login details and gain access to the victim’s Facebook account.

There are other hacking techniques, including social engineering attacks, password cracking, and brute force attacks.

However, it is essential to note that all of these techniques are illegal and can have severe consequences for the perpetrators. Moreover, it is crucial to keep your Facebook account secure by using a strong and unique password, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping your computer and mobile devices secure by using antivirus software and keeping them updated.

In summary, hacking a Facebook account is illegal, and everyone should take the necessary precautions to keep their accounts secure. It is vital to report any suspicious activity immediately to Facebook and other relevant authorities to prevent further damage.

Is it possible to recover a stolen Facebook account?

Yes, it is perfectly possible.

If your Facebook account has been stolen you have to contact the social network itself through this link in order to recover it:

Using this link is the most common since when a Facebook account is stolen, the email account is usually changed as also the password of this one. Facebook has many ways to check that you really are a legitimate user of your account. From checking your friends to asking you for old passwords.

When Facebook checks everything it has asked you to do, it will proceed to return your account. From here we recommend that you use the Facebook option to log out on all devices, so you can make sure that no one is connected.

How do I know that my Facebook account has been hacked?

One of the main ways to know that your Facebook account has been hacked is to find that you can’t log in to the social network . If it tells you that the password is not correct, it is probably because your account has been hacked and has been changed.

Sometimes hackers do not change the password and act directly on the profile. If you come across comments on your profile that you did not make, it is more than likely that your account has been hacked.

Hackers take the opportunity to make ads on stolen Facebook pages in order to hack more contacts. The advertising they usually do is very suggestive and always incites you to click on it.

How do I report that my Facebook account has been stolen?

If a Facebook account has been hacked the best thing to do is to contact them through the following link as we have seen in the previous section.

Whenever it is a computer crime like this you can always go to the police station if you want. However, Facebook is judge and jury in these cases and it ends up being much easier to turn to these services than to the police.

In addition, Facebook’s response and actions will be much faster than anywhere else.

How to report a compromised Facebook account?

Sometimes you may not be aware that your account has been hacked.

This is because the purpose of all hackers is not the same. Some will change the password by way of hijacking, others will use the account clandestinely by changing privacy settings or modifying it at will without the owner being aware of it.

If you have noticed something unusual on your account and want Facebook to take a look at it you can report it for your compromised account. This is as simple as logging on to for Facebook to get its hands on the matter and investigate.

Recovering a Facebook account is possible in many cases and includes hacking so if you follow the steps above it is possible to recover it in most cases.

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