How to remove a link from Google?

how can i remove a link from google search



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Google is a huge company and has the most widely used search engine in the world. It is a multinational (Alphabet) that revolves around the company’s well-known search engine.

It is basically a web page that contains almost all the websites available on the Internet. Like a big library with all the content perfectly organized.

Sometimes we may want to delete content that is not correct or not real, making use of the right to be forgotten on the Internet.

In this article we will show you how to remove a link from Google in a few steps. Let’s go for it!

Can we remove a website from Google for good?

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How to remove an unwanted web page is one of the questions we can ask ourselves when we find information on the Internet that we do not like.

Technically Google is a search engine that stores information, so the normal way to remove a URL is to go to the page where it is published and ask the webmaster directly, through the contact information.

This is the first way to do it and the one we always recommend as a first step.

By law, there must be contact information on your website through which we can get in touch with you.

But… What happens when we have already done it and we have no answer?

In this case we must resort to other methods by going to Google to remove that content.

NOTE: We must bear in mind that even if a website deletes a URL, it takes a few days for it to disappear from the search engine, as it is still saved in Google’s database.

In the blog you will find several articles related to how to remove content from Google so you will know, for example, how to delete Google history among others.

Steps to remove a URL from Google quickly and easily

At this point we are going to explain the two procedures we have when deleting a URL.

On the one hand, if we have control of the website and, on the other hand, if we are a user who has found content that we do not want to be there.

How to remove a URL from my website from Google?

This way of proceeding that we are going to explain to you is one that we will use if we have control of the web and it is also the one that will be used by the person to whom we ask for it, as a general rule.

We must have access to the property in the Google Search Console tool and follow these steps:

  1. Open the tool.
  2. Select the“URL Removal ” tab.
  3. Click on the New Request button on the TEMPORARY REMOVALS tab.
    1. Temporarily remove the URL (URLs are blocked from Google Search results for six months).
    2. Delete the cached URL (Only the copy cached by Google is deleted and will reappear when it is crawled).
  5. To complete the process enter the URL and click NEXT. Generally, it can take up to one day to process the application.
  6. You can delete a single page or all pages that have a defined prefix. In the case of entering you would delete:

Retirement consolidation

You must take into account that in this case, the removal is only temporary. For it to be permanent, the URL in Google must disappear from your website.

These are the most common ways to do it:

  • Make sure that the URL to be deleted returns an HTTP status code 404 (Page Not Found) or 410 (Unavailable). Non HTML files, such as PDF files, must be completely removed from the server.
  • Lock access to the content with a password.
  • Mark that the page should not be indexed with the noindex meta tag . This method is less secure than the others.
  • Finally, Google discourages blocking URLs using robots.txt, although it is quite effective.

How to remove a URL from Google when I am not the owner of the website?

This part is the most complex if we are managing online reputation .

There is a way to remove the URL even if the owner does not reply or decides not to remove the content.

To remove content from Google that is beyond our control – and Google’s own, since it is not the owner of the websites – we must do the following:

  1. Access this link
  1. Select the place where you want to delete the content (in this case Google Search).
    remove url from internet
  1. The next thing you need to select is the reason why you want to remove the URL from Google.
    delete url from google
  1. Once we click on create the application, we will be presented with a complete document that we must fill in and sign in order to send it to Google.
    It is a very complete document in which you must provide all the information requested by Google and also submit an affidavit.

    delete url with personal data
  1. Once all the requirements have been completed and marked, we send it.

This is the process we are counting on once we have exhausted all possible avenues.

Will I be able to delete the URL from Google this way?

This process does not guarantee that your request will be considered, but it will be personally reviewed to see what happens.

Hence the importance of doing it right (if you don’t fill in the data correctly the application will be rejected and you won’t be able to submit any more for a while) and that you have previously exhausted all other avenues such as contacting the webmaster, using WHOIS to find the owner or any other alternative method.

And so much for the process of how to remove a link from Google. If you have any questions or would like to request professional help, you can contact us directly.

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