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Protecting online reputation of companies

We mitigate companies' online reputation crises by removing and creating content


We mitigate companies' online reputation crises by removing and creating content


In-depth situation analysis

Our technology monitors the Internet, identifying content that negatively affects a company’s reputation, analysing the reputational impact of this content and the likelihood of its removal.

The negative reputation index objectively shows the company’s reputational situation.

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Removing negative content

RepScan’s unique and innovative technology removes content that negatively affects the company, provided the necessary legal basis is in place.

Active image creation

Our service for companies allows you to enhance the positive side of your company, creating a real image and presenting it to the world in the way you want to be seen by your customers.

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Innovative technology for rapid removal

RepScan’s technology enables effective removal of content from the Internet.

Our technology is able to accurately detect negative content that affects a company’s reputation. 

If the software finds a legal basis to remove content, it will do so.


Why should you buy RepScan?

The content detection and removal technology is fast, highly effective and safe for the companies that use it.

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We are fully committed and will refund your money if we are unable to remove the content.

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Patented technology

Thanks to our innovative technology, we detect and remove content from the Internet that is damaging to a company's online reputation.

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Our prices, values and limits are public.


Thanks to our innovative technology we get search engines, websites and social networks to remove the content.

Current legislation allows us to remove content that the customer wishes, provided that we have a legal basis.

In addition, if removal is not possible due to legal impediments, we apply alternative techniques to improve the company’s online reputation.

Our quick detection and removal tool allows you to remove news, photos and videos from all existing social networks, from search engines such as Google and from any website worldwide.

We work for all types of companies except political parties.

We refund the money. If we are unable to remove the content requested by the company from the Internet, we will refund the money paid. We only get paid if we manage to remove what you have requested.

Yes, with our continuous monitoring system we detect republishing of previously deleted content. Our system alerts you to any changes and proposes the best solution for each case.

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