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We improve the online reputation of your business on Google My Business and Google Maps.


We improve the online reputation of your business on Google My Business and Google Maps.


92% of consumers use Google search before deciding to make a purchase or contract a service.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for a business to have a good Google My Business listing. We can help you improve your listing to increase your reputation on Google.

We remove fake reviews

Removing reviews from Google My Business and Google Maps is a very complex task since it is necessary to prove with reliable evidence that the review is false and does not comply with the law.

For this reason, we study each false review individually to find the best legal argumentation to eliminate it.

Since not all reviews can be removed, we offer other Google My Business services that help improve the online reputation of your business listing:

Creation of the Google My Business listing

At RepScan we create and optimize your Google My Business listing, so you can get the most out of it as a channel of prescription and sales and have more presence on Google Maps.

Our Google My Businesslisting creationservice includes:

  • Creation of the file with specific keywords to boost Local SEO and stand out from your competition.
  • Add the list of products and services of the business optimized for positioning in Google.
  • Optimize all tags to promote the presence of the business on the Internet.
  • Enhance the competitive advantages of the business, which attract potential customers.
  • Creation of initial publications related to the products or services of the business to enhance its visibility.

Removal of Google My Business Listing

Not all businesses benefit from having a Google My Business listing. Sometimes the best solution is to eliminate this card so as not to cause further problems and damage.

This file can be deleted due to cessation of activity, death or simply wanting to disappear and/or start over.

We can remove the Google My Business listing, thanks to our removal technology.

Your business will disappear from Google’s general search engine and Google Maps.

Google My Business listing management

It is not enough to have a Google My Business listing to have a good reputation. You have to constantly improve it and offer a good service to your customers.

For this purpose, our Google My Business listing management service includes:

  • Google My Business and Google Maps listing review
  • Improving the file with keyword research to promote local positioning
  • Highlight the characteristics of the business to stand out from competitors
  • Optimization of specific product and service sheets
  • Personalized management and attention to reviews, especially negative reviews

Encouraging real positive reviews

We can help you get more positive reviews from real and satisfied customers of your business.

With this service, we achieve a higher volume of positive reviewsto gain more relevance in the Google search engine and Google Maps and minimize the possible impact of negative reviews.

The reputational impact is very different if there are 3 negative reviews out of 10 than 3 reviews out of 300.

We can help you get more real 5-star reviews.

Solutions for Google My Business

We have 4 Google My Business and Google Maps Plans to adapt to the needs of each business: Eliminations, Google My Business Optimization, Positive Reviews and Total Google My Business.


Price per report


Positive Reviews

Price per GMB profile


Google My Business Optimization

Price per GMB profile


Why RepScan?

We are a LegalTech company formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the legal sector and unique disposal technology.

We have a pioneering SaaS platform with a specific module for the visualization and management of the Google My Business listing and automatic removal of content on the Internet.

We remove content from the Internet on a legal basis so that it does not reappear.

Our content detection and removal technology is fast, highly effective, totally secure and accessible to individuals and businesses.


With our Google My Business Optimization Flat Rate Plan, the option to delete the Google listing is included and you can choose whether to create it again or just delete it.

  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Monthly payment
  • Complaints are counted, not eliminations.
  • Para cualquier tipo de contenido: audiovisual, web, rrss, reseñas, medios de comunicación, etc.
  • Not including the contents of special projects such as OFAC, KYC databases, channel closures, publication of content on payment platforms, digital post mortem protection and other projects to be considered.
  • Upgrades are available with an additional 12 months of contract. Downgrading is not possible until the end of the contracted period.

A report of a review is a removal request as long as there is a legal basis for doing so.

We create a Google web page for your customers to find more information about your business. It helps to achieve more presence in Google.

Yes. Google My Business is a tool for managing businesses on Google.

The information shown in this file is visible both in the Google search engine and in Google Maps.

Removing fake reviews is possible, as long as there is a legal basis or it violates one of Google’s Policies.

Therefore, at RepSan we study fake reviews on a case-by-case basis to find the legal way to remove them.

Deleting one or more Google My Business listing(s) will delete all photos, videos and posts you have shared on your listing.

If you do it through our service, we will make sure that this does not happen.

Yes! At RepScan we can help you through the entire process of removing a listing from Google My Business and, after a period of time, create a new listing so that your business can start from scratch.

Yes! At RepScan, we do not make fake reviews. We work with satisfied customers to increase the reputation of companies on the Internet.

Thanks to our innovative technology and legal expertise, we are able to identify those fake reviews that can be removed.

In addition, current legislation allows us to remove certain content that violates the rights of individuals and businesses.

Yes! We have several Google My Business services that help improve the online reputation of any business.

In addition, we have plans tailored to the specific needs of each case.

With our recurring GMB services it is possible to improve your Google My Business score and gain reputation on Google.

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