RepScan Alert Service

The way to control what the Internet says about you

We notify you of content that hurts your reputation


We alert you to content that harms your reputation


What can RepScan Alert do for you?

Receive real-time notifications 24/7

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eliminar rastro de internet

We monitor and protect your reputation

Monitoring and alert service tailored to your needs

RepScan Alert adapts to your needs and that is why we offer you a complete service.


We track the most keywords linked to your name.

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We monitor at a weekly, daily, or hourly frequency, depending on your needs.


Yes, this is a premium service whose cost is detailed in our pricing page here. We offer discount for more than a year of service.

You can choose between a monthly and an annual plan. If you contract the annual plan, the service will be provided even if you decide to cancel it.

You will be able to monitor as many words as you consider necessary. We recommend starting with your name and its variants.

The moment your reputation is affected, you will receive an action plan. The price to execute the plan depends on the details of the plan. We will only execute the plan with your consent. 

You will receive the notifications by email. In additions, you will receive access to our platform where you can review the alerts in more detail and your reputation index.

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