Delete information from Instagram

How to delete information from Instagram?

Resources and tips for managing and deleting information from Instagram quickly and securely.

Resources and tips for managing and deleting information from Instagram quickly and securely.

How to delete my Instagram data?

Your information and Instagram

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Instagram is the third most widespread social network in the world, behind only Facebook (to which it belongs) and YouTube.

The history of Instagram is particular, since it began as a tool to geolocate your photos to become in a short time in the social network of the image, where we can share all kinds of visual content.

Initially, people took photos to which they could add the now classic Instagram filters and frames, and then post them on your profile.

The network right now encourages you to upload as much visual content as you want and above all to interact with the content of other people on the network that you have access to.

Since Facebook’s acquisition in 2012, there have been some controversies surrounding this social network, such as the attempt taking advantage of all the photos uploaded to the platform or indiscriminate copying of its competitors (the most prominent has been Stories similar to how Snapchat works).

But despite this, the network grew unstoppably until it reached more than 1 billion users.

Right now the social network is a form of business for millions of people called influencers who use the network as a way of life.

On the other hand, it also allows to impact users with advertising thanks to its direct connection with Facebook and to make sales from the application.

Is your data safe on Instagram?

Instagram’s data protection policy is similar to Facebook’s, as it is the company to which it belongs since it was bought.

That is why they are concerned about several issues such as privacy, security and user protection.

To comply with these premises, it has several rules within the platform that allow your data to be safe and also that any abuse towards you can be reported.

How to report and delete my Instragram data?

You can report a lot of abuse about yourself or any behavior you don’t like or find inappropriate and report content on Instagram.

These are the most outstanding cases:

  1. Stolenaccounts:If you think your Instagram account has been hacked or someone is posting things without your authorization you can regain control of it. It is possible for these things to happen if someone accesses your account or if you have given access to a third-party application that is suspicious.
    To restore control of your account you must delete all the apps you have given access to and change your account password to a more secure one.
    Check your email whenever you notice strange behavior in your account.
  2. Identity theft in the accounts accounts:  If someone impersonates you on Instagram, you can report that person or profile, proving your identity with your official document.
    Also if you know of the impersonation of a known person or brand you can also report it. The scammers abound on the net.
  3. Minors: Minors, as in most social networks, are very proactively protected.
    To begin with, minors under the age of 13 cannot have an account on Instagram, in the event that the account belongs to a minor under the age of 13 it must clearly state that it is being managed by a legal administrator or their parents.
  4. Accounts with hateful content: Any content that incites hatred or harasses a user may be reported, either by the person being harassed or a third party who observes such behavior.
  5. Intellectual property: As in other areas intellectual property, such as copyright and trademark, are protected within the social network and abuses of the brand can be reported, either for personal gain or to discredit it.
    This also applies to the copyright of songs, videos or characters. 
  6. Legal request for removal: If you believe that a content violates the legal rules of your country, it may violate the Community Standards of the platform, such as bullying, harassment or incitement to hatred.
  7. Exposed private information: This type of information includes personal data such as bank details or identity documents of any kind, as well as photos and videos that infringe on people’s privacy.
  8. Self-harm: All content that incites suicide or in which hints towards it can be interpreted you can report it to be removed.
    On the other hand, if the person is known you should act and contact him, his close people or the authorities.
  9. Abuse and spam: Abuse on your person and contacts that incite you to perform unwanted acts can be reported. If you are tagged in spam or abusive posts you can report the account and block it.
  10. Abuse: This section includes everything that has to do with child pornography, white slave trade or animal abuse. This is directly a crime and you must report it and communicate it to the authorities.
  11. Report the account of a deceased user: Accounts of people you know who have passed away can be reported to become memorials and pay tribute to the person. This account is blocked for access and can be deleted if requested by a verified immediate family member.
As you can see, within Instagram you have control of everything that happens when using the application as a user. Keep in mind that you should be careful about what you post and what information is accessible.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram

Yes, you really have some control to all the accessible and public information on Instagram so you can consume it, or in case it breaches any of the rules report it.

Yes, you can prevent network users from knowing how often you visit the network or what your habits are. But remember that if you do this, you won’t be able to see other people’s either. It is the same as what happens in Whatsapp.

When a person’s profile is blocked by you, they have no way of finding you within the social network.
They cannot access information or publications in which you appear and all their interactions with your content disappear.

On the other hand if he knows your user profile he can name you even if you are not notified, so it is important to change the name if you can.

If your child is over 13 years of age, their data is treated in the same way as any other user within the platform and you cannot access their account unless you are legally authorized to do so.

You cannot access another person’s personal information on Instagram. Each account is private and cannot access information that the person does not want to share.

You can always remove yourself from a content within Instagram in which you are tagged or mentioned.

To better manage this part, ideally you should configure the tags and mentions section in your account to limit this if you need to.

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