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We will send you to your email a non-binding report of your online footprint across the Internet and social networks.

(*) We inform you that REPSCAN TECHNOLOGY, S.L., with address at Avenida Diagonal 534, 2-2, 08006 Barcelona, is responsible for the processing of the personal data provided by you. The purpose for which your data is collected is to be able to offer the services of the company, on the legitimate basis of the provision of your consent. We also inform you that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties and that you can exercise your rights at any time, as well as consult additional and detailed information on personal data protection, as indicated in our privacy policy.



What does this analysis involve and what is its purpose?

Thanks to the data processing power of our platform, we can offer a free analysis to anyone who requests it.

Our tool extracts data about you from the most used Search Engines and Social Networks.

We detect the global relevance of your presence in the results obtained and analyze if these results have a negative or neutral impact on your reputation.


Our algorithm scores each content we find. It takes several parameters into account, such as search engine positioning, number of visits, content hosting site, number of users of the site, etc.

Finally, we provide you with your online reputation index, which indicates your online status, and the actions we can take to improve your reputation.

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It is a quick analysis of your online reputation. It will tell you whether your online reputation is good or presents any problems.

The reputation enhancement is not included in the service, nor are the actions you should take to improve it.

Only one analysis per person is allowed, and it must be personal. If we find irregularities in the information provided to perform the analyses, we reserve the right not to deliver the result.

It is completely legal because the data we collect and use to perform this analysis is public to anyone.

With this free analysis, we tell you if we have found anything negative or if everything is correct. With the in-depth analysis, we analyze more parameters and present you with more detailed information along with actions to be taken. We also calculate your reputation index and its evolution over time in case of contracting other services.

Generally, in less than 24 hours, you will have an answer if everything is correct or if we have found something that could be harmful to your reputation.

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